What is the Advantage of Physical activity?

Benefits of increasing physical activity

No matter whether you are in good shape or not, doing physical activity will keep on making you better and better throughout your life. There are several benefits of doing exercises. Moreover, it is the best and easiest way of improving health. You should increase the amount of physical activity to be in better shape as well as perform better throughout the day. Suppose, the number of steps you take get increased, you will become more likely to decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Light physical activity will decrease just your weight but if you increase physical activities, your health will also increase considerably.


Ways of increasing physical activityfitness

  • Use stairs more often-: this is one of the simplest things which you can do. It means that you should use stairs instead of lifts if your office is on the fourth or lesser floors. Moreover, if you have to climb down then you can use stairs for up to six or seven floors. Remember that each time you use stairs; you are increasing your health. Climbing stairs increases your heartbeats as a result of which blood circulation in your body also increases. When blood pressure increases, blood is able to reach to even the most isolated parts of your body. This means that each and every part of the body is supplied with pure oxygenated blood and hence better health.
  • Drink a lot of water-: you should constantly sip water. This means that after every hour you should drink about 500 ml of water and don’t feel lazy of going to the washroom frequently. Drinking excess water will help you reduce hunger feeling as well as chronic back pain. Moreover, water is the best solvent and it dissolves fatty acids and toxins from your body which get removed through sweat and urine.
  • Park your vehicle far from front door-: this is also an effective tactic. If you are going to some mall, school, or work, park your car at least half km away from the main door so that you walk for half kilometres every day. This in turn will increase your blood circulation. When you are on some outing, instead of booking a taxi, try to go walking and explore different places.
  • Do regular home cleaning-: there are many individuals who employ home cleaners. But if you want to keep your body and health in good condition then you have to clean your house yourself. This will make you do lot of lifting, walking, and stretching which is again good for your healthy body. In order to burn extra calories, you should do dish washing yourself instead of using a dish washer.
  • Gardening-: gardening is also a good physical activity which will help you maintain good health and body. Gardening includes physical activities like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pulling weeds, trimming hedges, cleaning, watering plants, and so on. In all these activities lot of muscle work is employed which helps to keep your body fit and fine.