Using Natural Beauty Secrets To Get A Beautiful Skin And Hair

beauty secrets

Having or maintaining beautiful skin or hair can be quite a task, especially if one considers the busy lives that people generally lead these days. Obviously, people always have the option of blowing all their money in expensive parlour sessions or products or even spa treatments. This is why many people find themselves running out of options while wanting to get a beautiful skin and hair. However, contrary to this belief, the secret to beautiful skin and hair lies right inside their kitchen. Apparently, there are numerous natural beauty secrets that can leave people with everything that they might have wanted for their skin or hair. Moreover, one thing that people might want to ascertain first is whether they are not allergic to the substances used in the home remedy that they are going to try on.

  • For instance, people with sensitive skin can do a little patch test before they proceed with a home remedy. One of the most popular home remedy for oily skin is to use a slice of lemon over the face which controls oil secreted by the skin. This can turn can also be effective in controlling pimples. Also for people who have damaged hair due to regular styling or colouring, a quick fix is to use mashed bananas on their hair from roots to the tip. Due to the high potassium levels of bananas, they lend elasticity to the hair making it shiny and soft. For people with a dry skin, there is no dearth of natural beauty secrets either. They can use honey as a moisturizing. A thin film of honey applied on the face does the trick. This also guards the dry skin against harmful UV rays and even helps in fighting ageing.
  • Another of the easy natural beauty secrets for conditioning dry hair is to use an egg pack. People can whip up two eggs in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice to make a homemade conditioner for their hair. After letting it sit for about 45 minutes, they can shampoo it off. Moreover, a very interesting home remedy for brittle nails is to add chopped garlic to transparent nail polish or top coat or even base coat. After letting it remain that way for anything from a week to ten days, people can apply it on their nails as a nail paint. A common problem faced by people during winters is that of chapped heels. To combat this, people should use a Vaseline or moisturizer on their heels at night before going to sleep and wear socks. When they wake up in the morning, they will find considerable relief from their painful chapped heels. For people wanting a natural scrub, they can use brown sugar as a scrub for their face as well as on their hands. Moving to the lips, people can brush their lips as well when they brush their teeth. Moving their lips lightly over their lips will leave their lips smooth. They can follow it with applying some lip balm to leave them soft as ever.  The best part about natural beauty secrets is that they are very easy, convenient and inexpensive.