Eat Before A Work out – The Best Pre Workout Fuels

Whenever you go for a physical work out whether it is a gym session, cycling or running you should take care that your body is well prepared to bear the excess load during the time being. In other words, it is very essential to get the right nutrients in correct quantities before going for an exercise so that the body can respond to the weights. It is similar to fueling a vehicle before going for a ride so that the vehicle doesn’t stops in between.

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Balancing Proteins & Carbs

Most of the people think that proteins are the only vital elements required for the best results and they neglect other important nutrition like carbohydrates. Remember that proteins are needed just for making the muscles and repairing them if needed whereas carbs are those essential elements which give energy to perform the exercises, to lift those weights in the gym. The best pre work out fuel diet is that which has very less fat, medium protein and lots of carbohydrates. The amount of food is also an important parameter. Try to eat few hours before the workout and have a very light meal an hour before. For small duration of exercise like 30 to 60 minutes, the diet should be light but if the work out is going to end for say two hours then you should eat properly.

Take Care of Quantity

Sometimes it happens that you manage a tight schedule and find a small time for the work out; in that situation it might not be possible to be prepared for it few hours before and hence you eat whatever is thought to be healthy, but always keep in mind about the quantity to eat. Suppose there is a candy bar which is full of proteins and you are eating it as a pre work out fuel, it might be possible that it contains more nutrition than needed by the body at that time. Don’t eat all of it but keep some to eat after the work out as in this way you can manage a hectic schedule work out too.

Always eat that much quantity which you can burn during the work out, don’t try to stuff all of them in the stomach just because you had a tiring gym session. Staying fit is not a rocket science, it is just the matter of burning the amount you have consumed and you will never face the problem of obesity or overweight. After the work out, you must eat proper balanced diet but going for a lot of tasty favorites can add the calories back which you just burnt in the exercise. There are a lot of eatables which are suited best before and after a work out and one should properly choose what he or she is going to have in his daily routine. Full wheat bread should be used in sandwiches along with roasted beef or chicken. Eggs, fruits, low fat cheese, milk (skimmed), yogurt (low fat), crackers of full grains are some more examples.