Detoxing – Protecting The Body Against Harmful Substances

Detoxing refers to the medicinal or physiological elimination of harmful substances, known as toxins, from the body of living beings. It also refers to the period during which a patient recovers back to normal body conditions after being addicted to drugs for a long time. Medical science has devised a number of methods to be used for detoxing like antidotes, poison decontamination ingestion, therapy of chelating and also in some cases dialysis. Though many medical practitioners prefer other methods like diet detoxing but the success of such a practice is still doubted across the globe. Many organizations have raised their voice against commercial detoxing substances by saying that they don’t have any scientific base.


Detoxing the Alcoholdetox foods

It is a process in which the body of a person drinking alcohol in huge quantities is brought back to normal conditions. Alcohol tends to replace the gamma amino butyric acid which is a major inhibitor of the re-uptake process and continual heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to a deficiency of this acid. Precipitator withdrawing in addiction of alcohol from long period can be fatal and cause severe health problems in a non-medical management environment. Actually, detoxing the alcohol is not a treatment for addiction to alcohol, but it only cleans the body from present traces of alcohol and prepares the body to further receive the correct prescribed medical treatment.

Drug Detoxing

Drug detoxing is useful in reducing and relieving the withdrawing signs thereby helping the addicted person to continue living without using drugs; this process actually prepares the base for proper long term treatment of the drug addiction. Detoxing can be done either by using medicines or without using them. Detoxing the drug and further treatments are normally not carried out in hospitals or medical centers but instead there are special community centers where several patients are treated equally at the same time and are made to engage in other activities like sports, music and dance etc. Drug detoxing varies according to treatment location but most of the centers try to carry it out in such a way that the patient doesn’t experience any symptoms of not taking drugs. There are special therapies and personal counseling sessions which help the patient to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Detoxing the Metabolic System

Metabolic activities inside the body also produce toxic substances which is further detoxified through various chemical process namely oxidation & reduction reactions or the excretion or congregation of molecular wastes from different tissues and cells of the body. This type of metabolism is called xenobiotic type. P-450 oxidase, glutathione S-transferees and UDPs are few enzymes which are very important in the metabolic detoxing process. Generally speaking, any detoxing process is just an initial part of the long term medical treatment which needs to be carried out in order to get rid of the damage incurred because of the prolonged usage of some harmful substance which has taken the form of addiction and slowly leading to the person’s death.